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What is an ABN number?
An Australian Business Number (ABN) is a unique 11 digit number that identifies your business to the government and community. It enables businesses in Australia to deal with a range of government departments and agencies using a single identification number. The ABN is a public number which does not replace your tax file number.
Do I need an ABN?
Not everyone needs an ABN. To get one you need to be carrying on an enterprise. If you apply for an ABN and you’re not entitled, your application may be refused. With an ABN you can:

  • confirm your business identity to others when ordering and invoicing
  • avoid Pay as You Go (PAYG) tax on payments you receive
  • claim Goods and Services Tax (GST) credits
  • claim energy grants credits
  • obtain an Australian domain name.
How long does it take to get an ABN?
Provided you supply all the information required, you will usually receive email notification of your ABN on the same day upon completion of the ABN application. If you omit information or it cannot be verified an ABN will not be allocated immediately. Under these circumstances your application will be processed manually and can take up to 28 days.
Can I use the same ABN for more than one business?
You can conduct any number of businesses/activities under the same ABN provided they all operate under the same business structure. If your second or subsequent business operates under a different structure, you need to apply for separate ABNs for each new business structure.
How can I find my old ABN?
If you want to look up information about a registered ABN, such as to check that your details are up to date or check the details of a supplier, you can do this on the ABN Lookup website. ABN Lookup allows you to search publicly available information supplied by businesses when they register for an ABN.
My business details have changed. Who do I need to inform?
You must inform the ABR within 28 days of becoming aware of any changes to your ABN registration details. Please note that when you change your business structure you may also be required to register a new ABN.
When and how do I cancel my ABN?
If you’re closing your business, or changing your business structure, it’s likely you’ll need to cancel your ABN. You’ll need to cancel your ABN when changing from a:

If your business is no longer operating you need to cancel your ABN on the ABR website.