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For Working Holiday Makers, Overseas Students, Sponsorship Visa Holders plus all other Visa Holders. Visa subclass 417, 462, 491, 494, 457, 482, 403, 408, 500, 400 and all other subclasses.

Fixed Price fee NOT % of Your Tax Refund 1

Don’t get scammed! Why let other tax back companies grab a big chunk of your hard earned money when you can pay a fixed price regardless of how much is your tax refund. One Stop Tax believes in fairness. We say it is unfair to take advantage of people who may not be familiar with Australian taxation system. Our goal is to provide quality tax back services to our customers for a reasonable fee to just cover our costs.

No Tax Back, No Fee = RISK FREE 2

If you don’t get a tax back, we won’t charge you a fee.

Fast 7 Day Refunds 3

One Stop Tax is the leading tax back company in Australia offering fastest service with guaranteed maximum tax refund. We can also assist you to lodge your tax back early for no additional charge if you are leaving Australia and won’t be getting any further Australian income.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Table below compares service fee of top four tax back companies in Australia.

Taxback dot com

9% of refund + Handling fee


10% of refund Min fee applies

Taxback Australia


How our Tax Back service works?

We Prepare

Exclusively by our team of CPA Tax Accountants.

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1. Excludes complex tax returns with supplementary sections such as investment property, capital gain and business.

2. When total of your taxable income for the income year was less than $37,001 for 2019–20 and earlier income years OR $45,001 for 2020–21 and later income years

3. Does not apply to early tax returns and subject to ATO processing